Fresh, pure, and perfectly balanced.

Our Water

Fresh. Pure. Native & Perfectly Balanced

Water, How it’s Meant To Be

It’s Florida unfiltered

Floridian Spring Water begins its journey as rainfall falling from the sky onto our great state.

As this naturally enhanced water steadily flows through a maze of underground rivers, we tap directly into that underground river just before it flows out into Kings Bay in Crystal River, and ultimately the Gulf of Mexico.

Rainwater is then funneled downward and filtered through centuries-old Floridan limestone where it gathers in the upper basin of the Floridan Aquifer.

The unique characteristics of this natural filtering system causes our water to accumulate its astonishing amounts of natural minerals and consistent pH of over 8.1.

Over 100 million gallons a day of this naturally high alkaline spring water flows into Crystal River creating a diverse ecosystem of both fresh water and salt water marine life which results in some of the most beautiful scenery the state of Florida has to offer.

What’s Not in the Bottle?


Sugar Free


Gluten Free


No Artificial Flavors


No Added Colors



No Chemicals, No Baking Soda

Embrace the authenticity that flows in every single drop. Get ready to quench your thirst like never before.

Our Pledge to the Environment

As a multi-generational family business deeply rooted in our land, we unwaveringly uphold our commitment to the environment. We diligently adhere to organic processes, ensuring compliance with state laws regarding water sourcing. Moreover, our efforts go above and beyond, allowing us to remain well below the limits mandated by the state.

Our water is exclusively sourced from the Crystal River aquifer in Florida, a 100% renewable natural resource replenished by rainfall.

We take great pride in the fact that our bottles are 100% recyclable, and we are equally proud that all our labeling, bottling, and packaging processes are conducted within the USA.

Savor the taste of award-winning, unfiltered water.

We have been honored with awards that recognize the exceptional quality of our taste. Each sip is a unique experience that combines unparalleled freshness with the distinctive flavor that has earned us industry acclaim.

Water Attributes

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Sustainable and single-sourced with a uniquely high, all-natural pH balance. No modifications or alterations. No artificial anything. Just pure Floridian Spring Water.

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